Las Vegas exhibition - Sala Global

Sala Global shines spotlight on Sri Lankan handicrafts

Sala Global presented several verticals at the Las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Gift Show, including arts and crafts, gem and jewelry, household and kitchenware, fashion and clothing, wellness products, food items, toys, gifts, and souvenirs. The recent Las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Gift Show, held in Las Vegas, USA, showcased a fresh focus on lifestyle products.


This special feature of the event brought together exhibitors offering lifestyle brands, resort wear, and resort accessories. Companies participating in the show found themselves amidst a sprawling exhibit hall with over 1,300 booths encompassing hundreds of product categories.


This event stands as the nation’s largest gathering for the souvenir, resort, and gift industry. Sala’s global presence and experience empower them to explore new markets and dive into online (digital) marketing, reaching a broader customer base. Their goal is to provide customers with a virtual shopping experience, share information on emerging handicraft trends, generate leads, and achieve rapid growth.


Observing the challenging circumstances faced by local artisans and craftsmen during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic woes, Sala Global (Pvt) Ltd teamed up with Laksala to take Sri Lankan products global, leveraging their IT expertise.


What particularly enticed Sala into this partnership were the over 10,000 locally crafted items available at Laksala characterised by their craftsmanship and quality. With a remarkable 30 years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Sala Group is a pioneering name in IT. Their commitment to making technology accessible to the average consumer is evident through their introduction of innovative products to the Sri Lankan market. Now they are expanding their wrings to capt